My Review For Pfree Piles Medicine

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Today I am going to review Pfree, an ayurvedic piles medicine. It is manufactured by Rajshahi Healthcare and one of their representative visited me and provide me some samples to review this medicine for piles.

This review is based on a fifteen days usage of Pfree for one of my patient who was suffering from piles for the last one month. He came to me and told that there is red blood come while he go to the toilet. I examined him and found that he was suffering from piles. I gave him this ayurvedic piles medicine Pfree for one week and asked him to visit me after that.

After seven days when he came back to me, he was happy because his bleeding was stopped completely and he was feeling fine than before. Then i continued this medicine for another one week and after that he reported that he is perfectly fine. I recommended him to continue Pfree for one more month so that his problem would be cured permanently.

I must tell that Pfree is a good medicine for piles and as a ayurvedic medicine it is not only safe but also very effective in treating piles.


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