How to stop Hair fall?

How to stop Hair fall?

Whether you have long tresses or short ones, whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a major problem that most of us have to live with. The bigger issue is just about anyone can give advice but there is no guarantee how many of these would work really. This is because what most people do not realize is hair loss is only a symptom. It is more of a manifestation of underlying issues.
Most times hair fall indicates inadequate diet or dietary deficiencies. It highlights certain nutritional problems that you need to address. Additionally, work related stress or lifestyle issues could also result in this problem. Therefore the answer to how to stop hair fall is rather multi-pronged. You need to pay attention to several aspects of hair care and look for a holistic solution.
So when you are looking for options for how to stop hair fall, there are two primary methods.
Topical Application
Essentially these include various kinds of oil massage and hair spas:
•Hot Oil Massage: Heat either Almond Oil or coconut oil and apply it on the scalp. Massage gradually with your finger tips. This helps in improving the blood flow to the hair follicles and strengthening the roots.
•Natural Hair Mask: A hair mask is generally a combination of several natural elements that provide nourishment to the hair. They include the likes of tomato pulp, ripe papaya, banana, oil, and honey. Once the mask is applied for a select duration regularly, it helps reduce hair fall completely.
•Neem Leaf Application: Whether you apply neem leaf oil or neem leaf paste or the water boiled with Neem leaves, they are all very effective for strengthening hair roots. Additionally, neem helps reduce scalp infection like dandruff. Therefore, they play an important role in preventing hair fall.
Dietary Components
That apart your diet too is important. You must include
•Fish: I am sure you already know that your hair comprises of protein components. It is this protein that helps produce the key hair element, Keratin. So a diet rich in Omega 3 is very important for maintaining the strength of your hair. Marine proteins, especially fish which have high Omega 3 deposits is one of the best options.
•Nuts & Seeds: Daily intake of nuts which are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are also seen beneficial to prevent hair fall. They also help in overall hair growth and add to the hair volume.
•Spinach: This is another important component to help arrest hair fall. It is rich in Vitamin C and iron and helps in reducing hair fall. The Vitamin C also helps in better absorption of iron in the hair roots.

Therefore, if you want to stop or reduce hair fall, you need to pay attention to your diet as well as take care externally. A balanced diet and regular hair care is the best way to prevent hair fall completely.



What is the Importance of health in life?

What is the Importance of health in life?

What is the importance of health in life?
I am sure you have heard the saying ‘health is wealth.’ Well, nothing could be as true as this cardinal fact. A happy life is inevitably a healthy life too. You cannot truly enjoy life if you are not healthy and all your riches will mean nothing to you. Good health that is why is often considered as one of the greatest blessings for an individual.
Imagine a person with a weak constitution? They will never be able to enjoy any moment properly. Most time they might even have food restrictions. There might even be restrictions on their movement. So when the natural mobility of a person is interfered upon how can they lead a happy life.
Perhaps a baby’s response is a perfect reflection of the role of health in our life. A healthy baby is playful, active and keeps gurgling in joy. Now compare with a baby who’s not well. Inevitably the kid will be cranky, moody and irritable.
Whether or not you like it, health, therefore, plays a very crucial role in our life. It almost unilaterally decides the quality of the life we lead. Whether we are happy, unhappy, satisfied, unsatisfied, lead a full filling life or a purposeless one depends on the health.

What Is A Healthy Life?
But the question then is how would you define a healthy life? Is it about exercising every morning or watching your diet? Is it about not being sick or not being prone to infection? Well, it sure include all of these but a lot more too. This is because health has multiple interpretations and every aspect of good health is as crucial as the other. You cannot pay attention to one aspect and ignore the rest. To improve the quality of life, every element of your health is as important as the other.
Health can be broadly divided into physical health and mental health. Just like daily exercise, yoga and a healthy diet help you to remain physically fit, your mental health too needs adequate nurturing. It needs a well nourished and balanced diet of emotions, thoughts, and knowledge. It needs to be exercised on a regular basis and also you have to continuously challenge your horizon.
Often physical health and mental wellness are interconnected. I am sure you must have noticed that if you are feeling low emotionally, you are more prone to getting sick. This is no coincidence. In fact, there are several types of alternative medicine which are based on this basic fact. The impact of your emotional well-being is rather pronounced on your physical self.
Another important consideration is the health of your relationship. Often the health of your relationship with your parents, siblings, and children have a direct bearing on your health. Whether you have a happy marriage, wholesome relation with your kids or a fulfilling bond with your parents, they impact your emotional health and as a result of your physical self too. As a result, they have a distinct impact on the quality of your life too.

So our health in a labyrinth of multiple facets linked to our lives. Therefore, health does play a very important role in our life. In many ways, it dictates the quality of life that we lead, the type of perceptions that we live with and the experiences that we have. Life is often about experiences and our health in many ways dictates the type of experiences we have.
A healthy mind they say stays in a healthy body. Our physical and mental health is closely linked. We have to take care to maintain this balance at all cost. That is undeniably the key to a more fulfilling life.


Health is wealth

Hi, Myself Dr. Syed Raza Ali Naqvi. I am a qualified doctor and done my bachelor degree in Ayurveda from Lucknow, India. For the last 19 years I am praticing Ayurveda and now I am fed up with my routine life. Get up in the morning, go to clinic, see patients and come back home in evening is my only daily routine. I want to run away from all this but responsibilities stops me always.

It also effect my own health and all the time i feel down. I do not want to talk to anyone, nothing impresses me and i have no interest in anything.

People says that health is wealth but i say that wealth is also necessary to get health. If you do not have wealth then how could you be health. You can have proper healthy food with out money and that is important to get nutritious food. So both compliment each other.

As a doctor it is my profession to help people getting healthy and i do that. I treat them as good as i can and i know. But sometimes i feel myself tied and thing s are not in my control always.

the other part of the coin is that you can buy a bed but not sleep, you can but food, but not hunger and so on….. There are many ways to stay healthy. The best way for that is to keep clean and maintain hygiene. A pain in little teeth can give you sleepless nights.

So it is important that we should take care of our health. It is not a rocket science. You can be healthy if you take a little care about things which are good for you.

Proper diet, plenty of water, intake of fruits and vegetables are always good for a healthy life.