How Yoga is good for health

How Yoga is good for health

How is yoga beneficial for a healthy life?
The term Yoga means the union of your external self with your internal being. It is all about creating a dialogue with your innermost consciousness. It helps in reviving the natural restoration of the body parts. It is often considered the ultimate cure for both your mental and physical wellness.
According to the ancient Indian Yogsutras, Yogabhyas or a regular practice of yoga revives your spiritual self. It helps you align with your natural surroundings effortlessly. It is geared towards helping individuals gain better consciousness of their selves. This is exactly why yoga is not just about creating a comprehensive weight loss regime. It has a lot more far reaching benefits.

The Primary Benefits
Here is a quick lowdown on some of the key benefits of regular yoga practice:

•Builds Body Stamina, Flexibility: We all know the basic benefit of a regular exercise regime. It keeps you fit, flexible and enhances your stamina. Yoga is no different. It regulates your breathing, helps in rejuvenating your system and revives the tissue repair mechanism of your entire being.
•Boosts Immunity: The direct impact is improved blood flow, better channelization of your energy. That coupled with a thorough detoxification of the system helps in enhancing your overall immunity levels. Regular yoga helps you deal with illness in a far more positive way. Even chronic condition like Piles can be resolved when your natural immunity improves. This is because it is always associated with stronger digestive function and positive lifestyle changes.
•Improves Energy Levels: Yoga works directly with the energy centers in your body. These are nerve centres that direct the flow of ‘prana’ or your very life source through the body. It helps your throw the toxins more effectively and brings about a comprehensive cure mechanism. You get the energy to multitask a lot more effectively.
•Helps You Manage Stress: Stress is often a manifestation of internal tiredness. It is the result of inappropriate tissue repair and even inadequate oxygen supply in our blood. Therefore, Yoga by boosting the blood flow, the oxygen supply through regulated breathing and exercise addresses the core issue. The result, you feel more relaxed and a lot more in control. Therefore, this is an excellent stress management tool.
•Brings In A Sense Of Calm: Needless to mention that your overall system experiences a deep sense of calm as a result. In fact, regulated breathing ensures a better distribution of oxygen through out your body. This, therefore, improves both your physical self and mental being. As a result, you experience a more profound oneness with your internal self. This no doubt helps in bringing in a greater sense of peace and calm.
Therefore, yoga has many benefits. Whether you are dealing with long-standing physical ailments like Piles or mental condition like stress, yoga can provide you sustainable long-term solutions. This is because this ancient art of wellness addresses your entire being in one go. It helps you initiate a dialogue with your inner self and bring in an overall sense of peace.



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