What is the Importance of health in life?

What is the Importance of health in life?

What is the importance of health in life?
I am sure you have heard the saying ‘health is wealth.’ Well, nothing could be as true as this cardinal fact. A happy life is inevitably a healthy life too. You cannot truly enjoy life if you are not healthy and all your riches will mean nothing to you. Good health that is why is often considered as one of the greatest blessings for an individual.
Imagine a person with a weak constitution? They will never be able to enjoy any moment properly. Most time they might even have food restrictions. There might even be restrictions on their movement. So when the natural mobility of a person is interfered upon how can they lead a happy life.
Perhaps a baby’s response is a perfect reflection of the role of health in our life. A healthy baby is playful, active and keeps gurgling in joy. Now compare with a baby who’s not well. Inevitably the kid will be cranky, moody and irritable.
Whether or not you like it, health, therefore, plays a very crucial role in our life. It almost unilaterally decides the quality of the life we lead. Whether we are happy, unhappy, satisfied, unsatisfied, lead a full filling life or a purposeless one depends on the health.

What Is A Healthy Life?
But the question then is how would you define a healthy life? Is it about exercising every morning or watching your diet? Is it about not being sick or not being prone to infection? Well, it sure include all of these but a lot more too. This is because health has multiple interpretations and every aspect of good health is as crucial as the other. You cannot pay attention to one aspect and ignore the rest. To improve the quality of life, every element of your health is as important as the other.
Health can be broadly divided into physical health and mental health. Just like daily exercise, yoga and a healthy diet help you to remain physically fit, your mental health too needs adequate nurturing. It needs a well nourished and balanced diet of emotions, thoughts, and knowledge. It needs to be exercised on a regular basis and also you have to continuously challenge your horizon.
Often physical health and mental wellness are interconnected. I am sure you must have noticed that if you are feeling low emotionally, you are more prone to getting sick. This is no coincidence. In fact, there are several types of alternative medicine which are based on this basic fact. The impact of your emotional well-being is rather pronounced on your physical self.
Another important consideration is the health of your relationship. Often the health of your relationship with your parents, siblings, and children have a direct bearing on your health. Whether you have a happy marriage, wholesome relation with your kids or a fulfilling bond with your parents, they impact your emotional health and as a result of your physical self too. As a result, they have a distinct impact on the quality of your life too.

So our health in a labyrinth of multiple facets linked to our lives. Therefore, health does play a very important role in our life. In many ways, it dictates the quality of life that we lead, the type of perceptions that we live with and the experiences that we have. Life is often about experiences and our health in many ways dictates the type of experiences we have.
A healthy mind they say stays in a healthy body. Our physical and mental health is closely linked. We have to take care to maintain this balance at all cost. That is undeniably the key to a more fulfilling life.



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