Health is wealth

Hi, Myself Dr. Syed Raza Ali Naqvi. I am a qualified doctor and done my bachelor degree in Ayurveda from Lucknow, India. For the last 19 years I am praticing Ayurveda and now I am fed up with my routine life. Get up in the morning, go to clinic, see patients and come back home in evening is my only daily routine. I want to run away from all this but responsibilities stops me always.

It also effect my own health and all the time i feel down. I do not want to talk to anyone, nothing impresses me and i have no interest in anything.

People says that health is wealth but i say that wealth is also necessary to get health. If you do not have wealth then how could you be health. You can have proper healthy food with out money and that is important to get nutritious food. So both compliment each other.

As a doctor it is my profession to help people getting healthy and i do that. I treat them as good as i can and i know. But sometimes i feel myself tied and thing s are not in my control always.

the other part of the coin is that you can buy a bed but not sleep, you can but food, but not hunger and so on….. There are many ways to stay healthy. The best way for that is to keep clean and maintain hygiene. A pain in little teeth can give you sleepless nights.

So it is important that we should take care of our health. It is not a rocket science. You can be healthy if you take a little care about things which are good for you.

Proper diet, plenty of water, intake of fruits and vegetables are always good for a healthy life.



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